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  • I’ve been using GT Cosmetics products for two years already. I’ve been hearing testimonials about how effective GT products are from my sister’s classmates before, but never tried using them until I finally got to know more of the products when we featured them for our local TV program. I personally love their soaps. All three of them. First, I started with the Carrot Soap, then the Bleaching variant, and now the Papaya. All of the soaps are so effective and just so perfect for my skin.…
    Phoebe Kaye Fernandez
    Local Actress
    TV Personality
  • I’ve been using GT Cosmetics products since 2010 after a friend introduced them to me. I’ve been using the GT Clarifiance and the Bleaching and Moisturizing Creams. The powerful combination of three products undoubtedly gives me a fairer skin, removes dead skin cells, evens out my complexion, and makes me whiter as well. I also use the GT soaps. They are fabulous!
    Romel ParejaHost
    Event Coordinator
    Cebu City
  • Early in 2012, friends from Cebu told me about GT Cosmetics and gave out some products for me to try. I loved them and have been using them since June, especially the Day and Night Creams, the Clarifying Lotion, and the Papaya Soap. They make me look good and fantastic. I regularly buy them now at Watsons – Cagayan de Oro.
    Nicole Managbanag
    Business Reporter
    Cagayan de Oro
  • I can’t really recall the exact period, but I’ve been using GT Cosmetics products for almost a year now since friends from Cebu introduced them to me during their visit here in Iloilo. I’ve been using the Carrot and Papaya soap variants and the Moisturizer as well. The soaps have really whitened my skin. They are really effective as some of my colleagues have noticed and commented about my looks nowadays. I had to rush to SM Iloilo or Robinsons whenever I ran out of supply.
    Kathy Villalon
    Business Editor
    Iloilo City
    The News Today
  • I came to know about GT Cosmetics through a newspaper ad. I tried its products and found them outstanding. I’ve been applying the GT Moisturizing Cream on my skin for almost a year now and lately I’ve tried the Toner and Anti-Aging Cream. They all suit me well. I go to SM City or the Metro to purchase my regular supply.
    Nancy Bongo
    Executive Secretary
    Cebu City
    Prince Warehouse Club