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  • Where to buy GT Cosmetics products?
    Please visit this link for list of stores carrying GT Cosmetics products: or click the link at the bottom of our website.
  • Can we use GT Cosmetics products with other beauty products?
    There is a risk in using other beauty products with GT Cosmetics products. This might be a reason for unwanted reactions due to chemical incompatibility. We recommend you to use only GT Cosmetics products for you to get the maximum effect and this is also much safer since all our products have been proven to be safe when used together.
  • Is it safe for teenagers to use GT Cosmetics products?
    Yes! Our products are safe enough to be used by teenagers. GT Cosmetics products are suitable for teenagers who wants to redefine their beauty and for those who are experiencing various skin problems.
  • Is it safe for pregnant women to use GT Cosmetics products?
    For women who are pregnant, planning to get pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid using GT Clarifiance and GT Bleaching Cream. The said products may contain chemicals not suited for pregnant and nursing women although the safety and efficacy of the said products has not yet been established. Avoidance is a way to keep you and your baby safe.
  • Can Men use GT Cosmetics products?
    Yes of course! All of our products are suitable for both men and women.
  • I have used the soap and experienced a tightening effect and stinging sensation. Is it normal?
    Tightening effect is normal when using the soap, it signifies that its anti-aging properties are working, making skin tighter and helps reduce soggy skin. For first time users, never leave soap lather on skin for long periods of time since your skin has not yet adapted the soap.
  • Does using GT Cosmetics beauty bars have a harmful side effects like darkening of skin when exposed to sunlight?
    No! Our beauty bars are safe enough to be used even under the sun. This is the advantage of using natural whitening extracts.
  • Why do we need to use GT Clarifiance when we can just use the soaps?
    There are times when soap alone cannot remove deep seated dirt and oil.
  • Will GT Clarifiance fight acne and skin blemishes?
    GT Clarifiance contains Witch Hazel Extract, it has an anti-bacterial properties and serves as a natural astringent that helps acne control and reduce oil.
  • Why do we need to use GT Facial Scrub? Is it important?
    Yes it is! It’s important to use GT Facial Scrub to help facilitate in removing dead skin. Normally, our skin sheds off dead skin cells but more often it is not completely removed that is why we need to scrub our face to remove dead skin cells preventing it from clogging pores which will eventually lead to break outs
  • How often do we scrub our face?
    For sensitive skin use once a week, For oily skin use 3 times a week.
  • Why does GT Bleaching Cream change its color? (turns brownish)
    The change in color doesn’t mean that the product has already expired. This stage is called the aging-process. The more it has aged, the more it is effective. This aging-process does not affect in any ways the safety and efficacy of the cream. You can slow down the aging process by storing it in a cool place.
  • What are the common reactions observed when using GT Bleaching Cream?
    Initial reactions especially for first time users are: redness, itchiness, tightening of skin, stinging sensation and/or swelling. Please do read leaflet inside the box for more information.
  • It is my first time to use the cream and a lot of pimples are coming out. Is this normal?
    This is what we call PURGING PROCESS. This is commonly experienced by first time users of both creams or soaps. This is where the cream goes deeply under the skin removing deep seated dirt and excess oil that blocks the pores. This is usually experienced by first time user
  • Which is better, GT Moisturizing Cream or GT Whitening Cream?
    Both creams share the same properties like whitening and moisturizing but in terms of sun protection GT Moisturizing Cream has a higher SPF which is 60.
  • Which is the best lotion, GT Carrot Lotion or GT Papaya Lotion?
    Both are great in terms of whitening and moisturizing. They only differ in their main ingredient and SPF.
  • Why are the lotions not so spreadable?
    Our specially formulated lotions may not have a velvety feeling like other lotions do. This is because our lotion is not a regular lotion. It is a lotion plus sunscreen. The sunscreen formulation contributes to its spreadability and texture.
  • Can we use GT Carrot Lotion/GT Papaya Lotion on our face?
    No. Since our lotion is specially formulated for the body. You can use GT Moisturizing Cream on your face.