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GT Advance Germicidal Soap

GT Advance Germicidal Soap does not only fight germs and bacteria, it is also enhanced with Anti-pollution Technology that prevents penetration of pollutants on skin and replenishes antioxidant reserves. It offers a 24 hours Triclosan Free Skin Germ Protection and provides superior cleansing power. It’s also packed with moisturizers for a gentle non drying cleaning action that is perfect for everyone in the family.
GT Advance Germicidal Soap is available in 6 varieties:

  • Mild Care – suitable for all skin types and has a fresh and clean scent
  • Ocean Energy – has a fresh and pleasant scent
  • Complete Care – it’s germicidal and anti-bacterial action makes it efficient for personal hygiene and skin care
  • Nature Fresh – provides protection against body odor with its refreshing scent
  • Skin Balance – helps removes traces of dryness, leaving the skin moisturizes and fresh
  • Activated Charcoal – has a unique capability of penetrating deep inside your skin to remove dirt, excess oil, and other unwanted impurities


SRP: Php 33-38
Fights Germs and Bacteria | 24-hours Protection | Germicidal Soap | Anti-Pollution Technology