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leonora-salvaneEngr. Leonora Salvane had never imagined that her homemade soap products would someday be a sought-after skin-care commodity. She never even dreamed of making it big in her native Cebu, considering the very cut-throat competition.

GT Cosmetics Manufacturing had its humble beginning in Liloan, Cebu, in 1994 after Engr. Salvane decided to put her dormant craftsmanship — as a chemical engineer — to good use.

In between tending their spare-parts supply business and being a wife and mother, Engr. Salvane would use what’s left of her time to make her soaps in the kitchen and cut them into rectangular shapes. Soon enough, what started as a soap-making pastime became a family activity as her children joined her in the wrapping of the finished products.

Salvane started the marketing of her brandless product by just giving out samples to neighbors and friends, who then became her first customers and later dealers of her line of soaps.
The soaps remained brandless for a couple of years until Salvane decided to go full blast with the business and put a label to her product in 1996. Thus, GT was officially born, and the rest was history.

By mid 2009, GT products can already be found at Watsons outlets and already have their own following — most of them surprised with the fact that GT Cosmetics is a Cebuano brand manufactured in Liloan, Cebu.