There have been rumors circulating that GT Bleaching Cream is phased out, and that the company did not pass FDA and is going out of business. These rumors are false rumors and should not be taken seriously.

This is to inform everyone that GT Bleaching Cream was previously registered as a cosmetic product with NN-20140109135812 and with the new mandate released by FDA, we have voluntarily registered the product under pharmaceutical category with new improved formulation and packaging and is currently on its last stage of product registration.

We do apologize that we could not give an exact date for product release since we only follow FDA’s standard processing time. GT Cosmetics Manufacturing Inc. has always been an advocate of Safe, Quality natural cosmetic products and has always been compliant to all FDA mandates and all other LEGAL requirements for customer satisfaction and public safety.

Certifications and permits stated below will prove how GT Cosmetics takes safe and quality products seriously. You may also visit www.fda.gov.ph for verification.

• FDA LTO (DRUG MANUFACTURER)- CDRR-RVII-DM-052 valid until January 13, 2018

• FDA LTO (COSMETICS MANUFACTURER)- LTO 30000010185446 valid until February 22, 2018

• FDA LTO (COSMETIC DISTRIBUTOR/IMPORTER)- CCRR-RVII-CD-1967 valid until September 19, 2017

• ISO 9001:2008 (INTERNATIONAL STANDARD) Certified.

• HALAL Certified

• GMP Compliant

This is also to encourage all consumers to check FDA public advisory for updates and public safety. With FDA website, you can verify whether you favorite cosmetic brand is safe and FDA registered.

Again, we do apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

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