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GT Cosmetics Deodorant soon to be available!

GT Cosmetics Deodorant Line

GT Cosmetics Deodorant Line

GTCOSMETICS MANUFACTURING INC. is ready to distribute its newly developed product line starting August 2016.

After years of natural quality products from its four mainstay product lines, the company announces the newest addition and nationwide distribution of the freshly developed GT Cosmetics Deodorant Line. The product line has undergone two years of extensive ISO 9001 standardized Design and Development to deliver the most effect and latest in natural deodorant that the company has to offer.

As of this press release, GT Cosmetics offers 24-hour protection from sweat and odor with deodorants that come in two (2) distinctive varieties:

The first variant, the GT Whitening Deodorant is specially developed for women to bring out the natural beauty of their underarms through a whitening and smoothening anti-perspirant deodorrant with a touch of Moroccan Argan Oil that hydrates, softens and restores skin elasticity.

The second variant, GT MEN Active Fresh Deodorant, heralds the very first product of GTCMI specifically made for Men. It is designed to complement their active lifestyle with an anti-bacterial and anti-perspirant deodorant that contains Tea Tree Extract, known for its topical antiseptic and antibiotic properties.

The deodorant line is packaged in plastic capped roll-on glass bottle. Why choose glass bottle instead of cheaper material? Glass never leaches toxic chemicals into its content  and is nonporous and impermeable, so there are no interactions between glass packaging and its content that may affect its quality. Glass is also 100% recycled which is good for our environment.

GT Cosmetics Deodorant will be available at Watsons, SM Supermarkets, SM Savemore, Robinsons, Metro Malls, Shopwise, Gaisano Malls, NCCC and other leading stores nationwide.


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Publish date: August 1, 2016